What is the future of the Bone Haus?

An excellent article by Görlitzer Anzeiger called Görlitz: Weltkulturerbe Obermarkt 26 in Gefahr! gives a quick breakdown of what has come out of the event at Vino et cultura and what is needed to save the artist´s house.

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The last paragraph of the article translates:

A daring, but also perhaps the only realistic idea is the acquisition of the building by the city of Görlitz (or the assumption in annual lease) and the assignment to the Görlitz Collections – Museum of Cultural History. This would mean being given a highly unique accommodation including a collection that presents both, artistic and intellectual life. The bottom line should incidentally cost only a fraction of a subventioned youth center, but would be important for the Görlitz cultural scene as well as for tourism – and to deny that opportunity would depelte a lot of courage and cultural understanding in the city.

So what does the future have in store for the Bone Haus?

We hope that the city officials recognize the true value and work with Steeven Fabian Bonig.
History and culture is what draws tourism. 5,000 people annually walk into the house and enjoy the experience. Many visit Görlitz with the Bone Haus being the main reason for the stay. Those tourists spend money in hotels, restaurants and other local businesses boosting the economy with a healthy financial injection desperately needed.

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How can YOU help?

Watch this film:

THE BONEHAUS – The Attempt Of A Rescue (GER, 2016) A film by Daniel Arnold from Daniel Arnold on Vimeo.