The Top 10 Movies ever filmed in Görlitz

As you may know, Görlitz is known for its beautiful scenery and streets reflecting 10 centuries of the past.
That is why the town is ideal for movies and Hollywood knows about us.
Many tourists are coming here to view the spots where some of their favorite flicks were filmed and here are the ones which international film goers have enjoyed the most:
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Görlitz attracts young people seeking creative outlets

A new SZ article discusses that aside from cheap rent, there is a lot more that draws young people to our city. In the article Wie Görlitz junge Leute anlockt, a few good reasons are being highlighted why Görlitz is becoming a magnet for young and creative people:
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Poets from all over Germany are coming to Görlitz

On January 26th, the poetry jam Mausgeflüster (Mouse whisper) will be hosted in student club Maus in Görlitz.
The following poets are expected to perform:
jule eckert
Jule Eckert (Berlin), Daniel Wagner (Heidelberg), Tanasgol Sabbagh (Friedberg), Jakob Kielgaß (Marburg) und Erik Leichter (Chemnitz) will all try to win the trophy against previous winner Shari Joko from Görlitz.
From Görlitz, you can expect Momo Riedmüller, Franziska Stölzel, Neklas Günther and Hans Zimmermann to compete and attend as well.

Tickets are being sold in advance at Touristbüro “i-vent” on the Obermarkt.


Görlitz in the Snow

Görlitz is the city of extreme weather changes. In summer you experience tropical heat and in winter a taste of Siberia. Regardless how brutal the cold can feel, the view of the city underneath the blanket of snow is breathtaking. Here are a few images captured by Räubertochter Meets to give you an impression of what you might be missing out on:

bridge in goerlitz

goerlitz germany snow

goerlitz germany winter

goerlitz germany

snow in goerlitz germany

winter images goerlitz obermühle neisse

winter in goerlitz germany



An insider´s guide to real estate in Görlitz, Germany

Many of you may not be aware of the pearl of the far east of Germany.
There is a city called Görlitz, which is actually a city within two nations.
One is Poland, the other Germany.
Both were once one enjoying the same rich history still resonating through the unique vibe each visitor experiences once entering its premises.

For the first time since before World War II, the town experiences an influx of international interest.
So why are so many international investors now focusing their financial potential towards this as of recently not so well-known Eastern end of Germany?
So what does the future hold for the little-known goldmine?

1) After Germany´s reunification, the number one focus of the German government was Berlin. Then the focus, once Berlin started booming, was Leipzig. Then Dresden. And guess who is on the center of the dartboard now?

2) The city of Görlitz was once the center of Europe until communism divided this continent. The strong history of the city is still present today within the spirit of the people and its around 4,000 registered monuments making Görlitz the most monumental city in Germany.

3) Görlitz is in a perfect location connecting other popular tourism spots in Central and Eastern Europe such as Prague, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Wrazlaw and Cracow. An ideal town for visitors to stop and enjoy while travelling throughout the already very well-known cities that Europe has to offer.

4) Cost of living is still low. Anything you do now is bound to grow in value. So do not delay your decision to make Görlitz your next investment.

5) Many young people are moving to Görlitz as in the international artist community the city´s reputation is growing as THE place to move to. From India to Ireland they are coming in. Young people are starting to make a huge difference here and you can feel and see it on a daily basis. Young people are the future. So the future is Görlitz.

6) Building on the tradition of Silesian tolerance, Görlitz is open and welcoming to people from all over the world. Including Syrian refugees who in other parts of Europe have experienced lots of hatred. But not here.

7) Over 70 movies have been filmed here, because the town has been preserved as it was a long time ago. It looks as it did back in the 20s for many parts and the last few centuries depending where your feet are stepping.
Everytime your turn a corner at night, you are entering a different century.
While many tourists come to see the Untermarkt and the Obermarkt, they are missing out on the size of the city which has the best preserved medievil squares in all of Central Europe. In the surrounding areas is where you find the hidden gems. From villas, to castles to individual apartments.


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