Goerlitz: The new center of Europe

With its location being the most Eastern city of Germany and half of the city, Zgoercelec being a part of Poland, Goerlitz is the center of Europe, where East and West meet.
If you want to know what Central Europe has looked like 100s of years ago, come to Goerlitz.
One city, 10 centuries and a history covering a multitude of events and eras which Goerlitz unlike other German cities nearby, survived in one piece.
This ZDF documentary is in German, but even if you do not understand everything, you will be able to see great footage of the Altstadtfest and other events where the majors of both parts of Goerlitz, the German and the Polish side open up the festival.
You can watch the documentary here:
Goerlitz, Schatztruhe der Geschichte