“Echoes From Shadows” Reviewed: Communication With Your Inner Voice

One of this year´s highlights in terms of performances in Goerlitz was Echoes from Shadows where Lucien Zell showcases a mixture of music, poetry and something that is not quite easy to define.

The setting is dark. The music appears and so does Lucien´s voice. It becomes more of a resonance of what starts moving inside of us from the moment we are emerged into his world. A world that allows us to hear our deeper thoughts while the echoes from outside answer questions and mention thoughts and feelings that not only apply to our inner self but also reveal answers so simple, yet so never-heard-of before.

Poetry is like cocaine: you do it in lines, it gets you high, and if you do the good stuff, you’ll be addicted for life.

It is almost as if we feel that our bad experiences need to be evened out by good ones owed to us when we believe that the energy of the world is on our side. And comparing the simplified “wisdom” we hear on a daily basis to what might motivate us to do the things we do, there is a sense of acceptance the body of listeners is overcome by towards oneself and the audience as a whole.

The audience feels a sense of empowerment that it is not only ok to have many of the thoughts we all secretely have … it is also ok to express them.

Your work is not what gives you your food. It is what gives you your hunger.

Contradictions towards what society “teaches” us and teaching us who we are seems to be the subtle theme of the event capturing our own imagination and keeping the outside world as a safe distance, as if the world we live in was standing at a stage far away to be examined without anybody interested in approaching it during the hour of Zell´s performance.

Echoes from Shadows is a performance driven by intuition. The constant quest for answers and the need to share when something comes clear. We are reminded of who we are and what it is we are truly looking for.

Love is a color only the blind can see.

Maybe it is us who are the blind ones. Maybe we see too much of what keeps us from finding and regaining the peace we have lost on the outside.

Lucien Zell´s tour continues. When and if we have him back in Goerlitz, is hard to say.

But for now, his performance is still echoeing through Goerlitz. And maybe the next person inspiring you will do so, because of the inspiration drawn through this event.

Life is a circle. And Echoes from Shadows gets us one step closer to completion.