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Why is Goerlitz such a great film location?

This video has some of the actors of major motion pictures speak about what makes our city so special and such an excellent background for a great story being told on screen. Bill Murray is one of the people speaking and expressing his gratitude towards the oldest city in Germany during a break from filming Grand Budapest Hotel:


Interview with Manoj Punjabi Producer

We have had the pleasure to spend some time behind the scenes of the prequel to Habibie and Ainun and interview the producer Manoj Punjabi.
Rudi Habibie, the first President of Indonesia after dictator Suharto, studied in Aachen, Germany and Görlitz was chosen to best resemble the way that Aachen looked in the 1950s when Habibie studied there.


Extras sought in new movie production in Görlitz

Want to do something different and contribute to the cultural growth of Görlitz?
And Indonesian movie production is filming the sequel to “Habibie and Ainun” in Görlitz between March 13th and March 16th.
You will work between 4 and 8 hours a day and be compensated with 60 Euro for each day.
You can still catch a spot by emailing with a photo, information on your height, age and name.


First Look: “Alone in Berlin” (Filmed in Görlitz)

This brandnew movie filmed in Görlitz has just been presented at the Berlinale:

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson stated that she loves Görlitz and said it was quiet, peaceful and the people are friendly.

“Alone in Berlin” was filmed in Görlitz, Germany a year ago alongside in Berlin and Cologne. Görlitz is, has been and will remain one of the top European cities for making movies due to its amzingly old and well-maintained scenery. One city, 10 centuries. Whichever era within the last 1,000 years is to be depicted, there are locations available here in Görlitz. Walking through the town, you will easily recognize the many locations you have seen in various flicks. Many of the actors and actresses such as Emma Thompson are surprised seeing for themselves that there is such a great place they have never heard about. Görlitz is the surprise for many. And we are always happy to see newcomers come to Görlitz and discover a much-seen but not-so-much-known-about city.

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The Top 10 Movies ever filmed in Görlitz

As you may know, Görlitz is known for its beautiful scenery and streets reflecting 10 centuries of the past.
That is why the town is ideal for movies and Hollywood knows about us.
Many tourists are coming here to view the spots where some of their favorite flicks were filmed and here are the ones which international film goers have enjoyed the most:
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