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Who are the Bohemians?

Nobody would disagree that visiting different countries gives you different experiences. But taking Germany as our example, what you are really dealing with is a nation made up of nations if you will.
Genetic testing has proven that if you go to Bavaria, there is a strong presence of Celtic DNA. In the north, the gene pool is a lot more Viking-like and when you hit the east, today’s Saxons are more likely to have also Slavic ancestry than other Germans, generally speaking.
But let’s focus our microscope on an even smaller region than Saxony:


Historically, Lusatia belonged to several different countries. Being part of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown (the so-called Czech Lands) for three hundred years, alongside them it passed to the Habsburg Monarchy and from it to the Electorate of Saxony. The greater part passed to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1815 and the whole region merged into Germany in 1871. After the conquest of Eastern Germany by the Soviet Army and the partition in 1945, the eastern part of Lusatia along the Lusatian Neisse river was given to Poland where the boundary is called the Oder–Neisse line.

Who are the Bohemians?
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