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What is art?

One of the questions reappearing again and again is the question “What is art?”.


Some say “anything is art” and I have to do both, agree and disagree at the same time.
Art is to me something that inspires me where I don’t need words to describe it.
Something that resonates emotionally if you will.
Goerlitz needs more art and artists.
Art can be a cities gateway to the world of those who would not find it otherwise.
Representing yourself through the emotions you cannot stop expressing touching those who decide to come from far away because they already feel connected to you and your mission that they have to be there to get the full experience of what caused you to express yourself in the first place.

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What is the future of the Bone Haus?

An excellent article by Görlitzer Anzeiger called Görlitz: Weltkulturerbe Obermarkt 26 in Gefahr! gives a quick breakdown of what has come out of the event at Vino et cultura and what is needed to save the artist´s house.

bone haus goerlitz

The last paragraph of the article translates:

A daring, but also perhaps the only realistic idea is the acquisition of the building by the city of Görlitz (or the assumption in annual lease) and the assignment to the Görlitz Collections – Museum of Cultural History. This would mean being given a highly unique accommodation including a collection that presents both, artistic and intellectual life. The bottom line should incidentally cost only a fraction of a subventioned youth center, but would be important for the Görlitz cultural scene as well as for tourism – and to deny that opportunity would depelte a lot of courage and cultural understanding in the city.

So what does the future have in store for the Bone Haus?

We hope that the city officials recognize the true value and work with Steeven Fabian Bonig.
History and culture is what draws tourism. 5,000 people annually walk into the house and enjoy the experience. Many visit Görlitz with the Bone Haus being the main reason for the stay. Those tourists spend money in hotels, restaurants and other local businesses boosting the economy with a healthy financial injection desperately needed.

Görlitz (6)_web

Görlitz (70)_web

Görlitz (114)_web

How can YOU help?

Watch this film:

THE BONEHAUS – The Attempt Of A Rescue (GER, 2016) A film by Daniel Arnold from Daniel Arnold on Vimeo.


Görlitzer Art is presenting its first sculptures outside of the building

The exhibition will take place between April 1st 2016 and April 17th 2017.
(See also: “Görlitzer ART” Contemporary Art in Görlitz … Coming in April).
But you can already see a taste of what to expect in front of the building:


Three Salzkristalle scultpures by Matthias Lehmann have already been placed to prepare you.


And on April 1st, 2 PM you can participate in the grand opening. And this is not an April fool´s joke!


March 21st movie premier to save the Bone Haus

On March 21st, 8 PM, all are invited to Obermarkt 26 to watch the movie created to save the artis house where musicians, painters and film makers have been meeting twice a week for many years.
Fabian Bonig, the town poet and owner of the house is in danger of losing it. If you are able to help or just want to show your support by being there, please show up and bring as many friends as you can.
For those who read German, you can view the whole story as well as his open letter to the government and residents here.

See also:

“The Reader”´s David Kross is talking about Görlitz
The Fabian Bonig of Görlitz


“The Reader”´s David Kross is talking about Görlitz

Do you know who David Kross is?
Probably not.
But there is one movie you are most likely familiar with … and that is “The Reader”.

Durch die Nacht mit Clueso & David Kross from Cluesoten on Vimeo.

Around 40 minutes into the film, you will see Nostromo.
And after 41 minutes, you will see the house of Fabian Bonig.

In this movie you will also see the girls from Zukunftsvisionen.

This documentary is part of the Durch die Nacht mit … series.


“Görlitzer ART” Contemporary Art in Görlitz … Coming in April

Görlitzer ART
Contemporary Art in Görlitz
1st April 2016 until 9th April 2017:
goerlitzer art
Experience contemporary art in public space in the Town of Görlitz! For one year, art objects which as a whole represent a showcase of Wrocław, the European Capital City of Culture 2016, will be exhibited. In numerous places of public use both young and established artists from Wrocław and Lower Silesia have opened new perspectives on the building structures of Görlitz, a German town being the richest in monuments. Enigmatical, facetiously and controversially, they have the viewer interactively participate in a dialogue between the art, the town, and its people. To this, the alternating scenery of all fours seasons provides new backgrounds. The total artwork is, thus, constantly changing making it worthwhile to visit Görlitz several times in order to enjoy the modern art in front of the towns’ historical setting. The pieces of art are connected together in a route; starting at the train station going all the way to the Oldtown Bridge (Altstadtbrücke) an ARTistic stroll unfolds.








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Görlitz attracts young people seeking creative outlets

A new SZ article discusses that aside from cheap rent, there is a lot more that draws young people to our city. In the article Wie Görlitz junge Leute anlockt, a few good reasons are being highlighted why Görlitz is becoming a magnet for young and creative people:
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Poets from all over Germany are coming to Görlitz

On January 26th, the poetry jam Mausgeflüster (Mouse whisper) will be hosted in student club Maus in Görlitz.
The following poets are expected to perform:
jule eckert
Jule Eckert (Berlin), Daniel Wagner (Heidelberg), Tanasgol Sabbagh (Friedberg), Jakob Kielgaß (Marburg) und Erik Leichter (Chemnitz) will all try to win the trophy against previous winner Shari Joko from Görlitz.
From Görlitz, you can expect Momo Riedmüller, Franziska Stölzel, Neklas Günther and Hans Zimmermann to compete and attend as well.

Tickets are being sold in advance at Touristbüro “i-vent” on the Obermarkt.