Görlitz´s annual anonymous donation is ending!

It started in 1995, that an anonymous donor donated 1 Million German Marks a year to the city of Görlitz. That later translated into 511.500 Euro when the currency conversion occurred.


According to mayor Siegfried Deinege, the final transfer has just come in and after that, Görlitz will be “on its own”. On a sidenote, this last transfer was “only” 340.000 Euros.

Speculations have been running rapid ever since the annual donations have started pouring in. Many believe that it was a trustfund that has now run out.

Whatever the story may have been … this stage of Görlitz´s mystery is over.

Which will be the next one?


Görlitz receives recognition worldwide

The lates article comes from Japan where Görlitz is being praised as a great town that has been preserved throughout the centuries and is home to many movies being filmed.
goerlitz japan


Görlitz rockt! … April 16th

33 bands are performing all over Görlitz.
Two of those bands are RANY and Schraubenyeti.
They are peforming at Studentenclub Maus.
But there are many more:
Tickets are 8.50 Euros plus 1 Euro presale fees at any of the places events are held. With that you will get a wristband allowing you to enter any of the shows.
You can also purchase your ticket at EGZ, I-Vent and Schlesisches Museum.