Concert in Basta! Görlitz coming up on April 15th

On April 15th 2016, 9 PM, 2 bands will play in Jugendkulturzentrum Basta!, Hotherstraße 25, 02826 Görlitz. Entrance fee is 5 Euros and you can come in from ( PM on.

The bands are 2ersitz from Leipzig and Jungla Jazz from Dresden.

More information here:
Konzert im Basta! Görlitz


Interview with Manoj Punjabi Producer

We have had the pleasure to spend some time behind the scenes of the prequel to Habibie and Ainun and interview the producer Manoj Punjabi.
Rudi Habibie, the first President of Indonesia after dictator Suharto, studied in Aachen, Germany and Görlitz was chosen to best resemble the way that Aachen looked in the 1950s when Habibie studied there.


What was the World War II damage in Görlitz?

One thing making Görlitz very unique is the fact that the damage from the many wars taking place in the region was minimal. That is why to this day you can walk the streets and few monuments from the past 10 centuries.
When looking at WWII, a relatively tiny toll was taken. Here are a few examples:





Do you recognize these places?

Seen here: Der 8. Mai 1945 in Görlitz


Görlitzer Art is presenting its first sculptures outside of the building

The exhibition will take place between April 1st 2016 and April 17th 2017.
(See also: “Görlitzer ART” Contemporary Art in Görlitz … Coming in April).
But you can already see a taste of what to expect in front of the building:


Three Salzkristalle scultpures by Matthias Lehmann have already been placed to prepare you.


And on April 1st, 2 PM you can participate in the grand opening. And this is not an April fool´s joke!


Extras sought in new movie production in Görlitz

Want to do something different and contribute to the cultural growth of Görlitz?
And Indonesian movie production is filming the sequel to “Habibie and Ainun” in Görlitz between March 13th and March 16th.
You will work between 4 and 8 hours a day and be compensated with 60 Euro for each day.
You can still catch a spot by emailing with a photo, information on your height, age and name.


Görlitz Redesigns by bringing back the Past

Back in 1908, the Dr.-Kahlbaum-Allee was known as the promenade of trees where pedestrians could walk in the shade during the hot summer months.
As the technological revolution proceded, automobiles replaced the strolling citizens and the face of Görlitz was changed.
Now, the Stadtverwaltung is planning to bring back the old way and plant the trees where the old ones once were.
Seen here: Görlitzer Flaniermeile unter Bäumen


March 21st movie premier to save the Bone Haus

On March 21st, 8 PM, all are invited to Obermarkt 26 to watch the movie created to save the artis house where musicians, painters and film makers have been meeting twice a week for many years.
Fabian Bonig, the town poet and owner of the house is in danger of losing it. If you are able to help or just want to show your support by being there, please show up and bring as many friends as you can.
For those who read German, you can view the whole story as well as his open letter to the government and residents here.

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“The Reader”´s David Kross is talking about Görlitz
The Fabian Bonig of Görlitz


Happy 100th Birthday, Kreuzkirche Görlitz!

Time flies. 100 years ago this month, Dresdner architect Rudolf Bitzan´s creation has opened its doors on March 9th, 1916.
This Sunday at 10 AM you can join the regular church service followed by countless lectures about the history of the building combining the styles of art, neoclassicism as well as a touch of modern architecture.
goerlitz kreuzkirche


“The Reader”´s David Kross is talking about Görlitz

Do you know who David Kross is?
Probably not.
But there is one movie you are most likely familiar with … and that is “The Reader”.

Durch die Nacht mit Clueso & David Kross from Cluesoten on Vimeo.

Around 40 minutes into the film, you will see Nostromo.
And after 41 minutes, you will see the house of Fabian Bonig.

In this movie you will also see the girls from Zukunftsvisionen.

This documentary is part of the Durch die Nacht mit … series.


St. Patrick´s Day Irish Evening March 21st

On March 17th, you will be able to enjoy a great evening with traditional Irish food, Irish coffee, Irish live music and of course GUINNESS!

final copy

Tickets available at Langenstrasse 12, Wednesday to Sundays between 3PM and 8PM.

Check also our event on Facebook: